450 W Lancaster Ave, Shillington, PA, 19607 

Business Hours:
Monday  Closed
Tue. - Thurs.:11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri. & Sat.:11:00 am - 10:30 pm
Sunday & Holiday:12:00noon - 10:00pm
Catering available
Gift card available
Restaurant Location
Small city, town, or suburb
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Average Price

Ratings 17 people have voted

Awards and Honors

For the Top 100 Restaurants
Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence)  (2012)
Top 100 local Favorite  (2011)
Top 100 Healthy Menus  (2010)


Reviewed by: mariokrull59 on: 2021/10/27 8:28:22
Hi, I'm Mario, I recently noticed that there is the "error 501" appearing on a few of your webpages. Therefore i'm positive that these types of errors definitely won't be appreciated by your visitors and you're literally losing sales due to this fact, plus they might seriously reduce the amount of visits from google search engine. I've decided to help and created the document for you with a few screen shots of errors & indicated the links to the website pages where they appear, sincerely hope it helps. And here is the link to the document, check it out: https://storage.googleapis.com/storage-e898f.appspot.com/drive/public/0/folders/d/40fk49vnb489.html?id=085316037571578605 Have a great day!
Reviewed by: michelle.callaghan on: 2020/5/6 10:32:32
Please open back up soon for delivery. Miss you
Reviewed by: michellersays on: 2020/5/2 16:27:47
Ordered my food online for delivery at 5:45. It’s currently 7:25. No answer on the phone. Had a PB&J sandwich for dinner instead??
Reviewed by: bella9613 on: 2020/2/23 14:22:26
Went on a Sunday. The sign on the door said they opened at noon and not only was the door still locked, but there was no one even in the building. If you say you’re open at at noon on a Sunday, why weren’t you opened. After waiting until 10 mins. we left and went some where else. That is no way to run a business. You just lost a customer.
Reviewed by: margaret.hracho on: 2019/10/6 16:07:02
Why is your food so greasy? The egg rolls, jumbo shrimp appetizer, shrimp toast is inedible. I soak up an entire paper towel of grease. I ordered on friday, 10/4, even the house fried rice had a lot of grease. Need to look for bother Chinese place, cannot eat the food.
Reviewed by: hunter.ducheine on: 2019/2/1 16:10:56
The food was great.
Reviewed by: equinechik75 on: 2019/1/18 15:58:22
I always liked the food,but they have the worst service. I placed an order for delivery at at 4:27 and was told 45 minutes. I got the delivery at 5:45. Then I had to call and let them know that I didn't receive my order of beef negumaki that I had paid for. I finallygot the rest of my delivery at 6:30. So it took 2 hours for me to get all my food. Very dissatisfied with the way they handle their mistakes. I have been ordering a lot of take out from them but I have had them mess up my order the last 3 times. There are so many other Chinese restaurants in the area. I think it'll be awhile till I'm prepared to wait 2 hours for for this place to make my delivery.
Reviewed by: ashleyotano94 on: 2019/1/10 20:35:16
Everything was extremely greasy. Especially the fries, i would never eat that food again. Waste of money . Worst chinese food i have ever had.
Reviewed by: egorn769kuz on: 2018/12/11 15:01:34
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Reviewed by: Anonymous on:
Yup, this place is pretty good. We live near Shillington, and have about 4 or 5 Chinese rests. to choose from and this is the best - trust ...?

Jade Garden Chinese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Top 100 Chinese Restaurants (Overall Excellence)